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2014-2015 Parent-Student Handbook  Introducing our Parent-Student Handbook for the 2014-15 School Year.
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Jefferson Earns an "A" There is an excited buzz in the air at Jefferson Elementary.  The school has recently received their second straight “A” on the school report card. 

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Cooper's Super Kindergartners

Mrs. Cooper’s kindergarten class at Jefferson Elementary celebrated the students who have learned all of their Kindergarten “Power Words” so far. These students received a “Power Word Super Star” certificate.


The Wonderful World of Worms

Jefferson’s first grade classes had a very special visitor this week. Mrs. Sarah Fruit from KC Recycling taught students that worms can be used for composting as a way to “recycle” food! Mrs. Fruit explained how worms move, live, and how they help the soil. The first graders were given worms to observe and then had the opportunity to ask questions.


Each first-grade class now has a worm bin that is full of 50 new “class pets” that students can continue to observe throughout the year. Students also tried eating worms at the end of the lesson—gummy worms, that is!




The Incredible Shrinking Staff

Thirty-four members of the Jefferson Elementary School staff are hoping that you will be seeing less and less of them over the next ten weeks. That’s because this group has committed to their own version of “The Biggest Loser” by pledging a total weight loss of 384 pounds!

Team leader Janna Simcoe (5th grade teacher) is “pumped” by everyone’s personal goals for weight loss. She has been the primary motivator behind this challenge. She stated, “If we meet our goal, we will use the money to buy matching t-shirts that we can wear when we run [or walk] in the Tracy Yeager Memorial Run. The remaining money that is not used for purchasing t-shirts will be divided for a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize for our top losers. This will be calculated by the individual’s percentage of weight lost. If we do not meet our goal, all of the money will be donated to the Tracy Yeager Memorial Fund.”

Each team member has an identifying number and will log his/her progress on Tuesdays via a digital scale and binder, located in a staff restroom. As Simcoe enthusiastically continued, “We are going to lose as a team! So, even if we don’t hit our personal goals, we can still win by someone else losing more than their goal. We are doing this together!”

Stay tuned!


Warsaw Athletics Spring/Summer Camps

The Warsaw Athletic Sport Teams will be hosting several spring and summer camps this year. The link below contains the spring/summer camp forms that are avaiilable. The form is below the description. More camp forms will be added as they are received:


Lego Robotics Inspire Student Creativity

Students in Jefferson Elementary’s Lego Robotics after-school program work in teams to create and program Lego robots using Lego Mindstorms kits and NXT programming. These “by invitation only” fourth, fifth, and sixth graders work on various challenges, from navigating through a maze, to teaching their robots how to hit a ball with a good golf swing. Problem-solving is crucial, because many of the tasks are difficult and require many steps. Teamwork is also essential, since some students find building the bots more of an intuitive skill, while others have a natural knack for the programming side of things.

Right now, the Jefferson Lego Robotics group is finishing up with one final, open-ended challenge: to design a battle bot that can outsmart everyone else’s! This requires that teams pool all their knowledge from the year, if they want to win. Designs vary widely, according to the groups’ strengths. Since they are only allowed to use three motors in their design, they have to think strategically.

Will they play offensively or defensively?

What sensors will they use?

Will they make their robot more mobile, or will they sacrifice movement to give their bot more strength?

One group even did some research and figured out how to turn their bot into a remote-controlled car!

Regardless of the task of the week, Lego Robotics has been a blast this year!” said Mr. Shawn Longenberger, Jefferson fourth grade teacher and Lego Robotics adviser.


Photo left: Two students designed a program to teach their robot how to sense another robot by using a light sensor...and then attack it!

Photo right: Thinking outside the box, these students turned their robot into a remote-controlled car!

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